Tuesday, 28 September 2010

'Zor of the Broken Lands'

Budding artist, Gorath Wretch-Grip of the Halls of Joradd Iron-Knees, (AKA Chris Garbutt) has kindly sent us a lovely painting from a recent trip abroad. You can see the full-size image in our new Gallery section. Here’s a bit about the piece in Gorath’s own words…
‘Despite the horror of the moment, I was moved to record the final stand of Ffergart the Bald whilst we were accompanying him on his Bachelor Weekend in the Broken Lands of Krurchzarrgk. Brimming with ale and thirsty for battle, Ffergart confronted the legendary guardian of the Rocks of Zluumrm, Zor the Unvincible.
Zor rendered Ffergart paralyzed with his putrid fore-anal defence mechanism and then, while we watched, sucked the life fluid from Ffergart’s helpless form. A more painful death I have never seen, nor a more fitting end to a wonderful weekend with friends.

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