Uber-chic styles and brand new designs for the discerning Barbarians wardrobe:

Aaargh Boots!
While on a recent trip to Australiaargh, I came across a pleasant but slightly rancid Tinker selling these adorable boots woven from mammoth pelt. The open-toe design is particularly useful when pillaging in the summer months.

Ye Olde Sausage Belt
New from the ever-reliable (and exceptionally tasty) 'Ye Olde' range, this Sausage Belt comes in three different flavours: Pork, Lamb and Otter.

Wonderful new Gilet-O-Fish!
A Viking friend has sent me this high-end sleeveless jacket embroidered with fruits from the sea! Windproof/Bloodproof and wonderfully aromatic in the sun. Comes fully gutted.